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Television Operations Supervisor (Vacancy Position)

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Coordinate the requirements made to the Operations Department and supervise that the personnel carry out the assigned work, based on the guidelines set by the Operations Department, in order to meet the needs of the other departments (Production, Press).
Supervise the personnel that will be responsible for the realization of a production, so that everything is ready, on time and according to schedule.
Supervise that all personnel are fully available and attentive to their work, to avoid distraction and so that the final product meets the objective set and that its performance is as expected. Maintain the organization of the scenographic elements in the warehouses, so that they do not suffer deterioration.

Job title:
Television Operations Supervisor

Gift of command, Leadership, Group dynamics, 2 or more years of experience.

Areas of experience:
Cinema, Television Management, Business Administration.
Knowledge in: administrative and coordination.

Monthly Salary RD $:

Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo

National District

If you do not meet the requirements, please do not apply.

How to apply?
Apply from Chiripas.com, use the green button to send your resume and the blue one if you need to create one:
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